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We consolidate all aspects of print and online publishing to make your day easier (and less expensive!).

With decades of experience in web, programming, editorial, and project management, PubSolvers provides your business with a resource that frees up time in your day from finding vendors and managing projects, because we do both! We also work to reduce your operating costs by providing quality work and communication, all in one place, all at an affordable rate.
“Thank you, Brian, for sharing your knowledge and for making the editing process a wonderful experience! I look forward to working and learning with you in the future.”
“My first experience with an editor was amazing. Brian Tedesco not only edited my short story, but he threw in lots of coaching that I can apply to future stories along the way. His comments and recommendations erased the invariable hiccups of a new author and pushed the story to another level. I would be thrilled to work with him in the future.”
"Brian, I am not exaggerating when I say your edits of my manuscript, The Missing, were a masterclass in how to edit fiction. I have read books and articles and blogs on how to edit one’s novel (perhaps read too many), but an actual experience like this is an eye-opener."
“I was thrilled with the results of Brian’s edit on my novel. He corrected the craft errors that had crept into my manuscript and gave me some very good ideas about how I could heighten the suspense. He also helped me put a final polish on the story, which brought it up to publishing standards. Brian’s rates, response time, and communications were outstanding, and I’ve already started sending him additional stories.”

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