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Editorial Services

Our editors are experts in Chicgao and APA style manuals and will ensure your copy is flawless. We work with authors writing novels, companies writing internal manuals, educational publishers, and media companies.


Whether you are writing a novel or a textbook, it is always best to submit an error-free manuscript for review. We will go through your manuscript page-by-page and provide detailed annotations pertaining to edits, layout, content flow, and even provide the images and art work you are looking for.

We also work with independent and self-publishing authors to assist in the publishing process and work with you to get your book into the traditional publishing houses, by working with you to get a perfect manuscript and building an online presence with a personalized website to sell and market your book.


We provide all the editorial services of in-house editors and all the web services of in-house web and IT departments, but at a more affordable cost for your small business. We have a 24-hour turn-around guarantee for most manuscript and website edits, with the exception being full website builds and longer manuscripts, which will be turn-around in a time that benefits your publishing house.


We provide full website design, development, and maintenance. We will build (or update) your business' website with a responsive design that will look great on smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktops.

We also provide editorial services for all of your print and online documents.

A single typo can really put a wrench in a sales pitch or presentation. Our editors will ensure that your copy is flawless, images are crisp, all pages are collated appropriately, and we can even bind and print your presentation if you would like.

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